3M SD-200

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SKU: 241MMM0030. Brand: 3M.

3M SD-200

  • Compact, lightweight sound level meter designed for measurement of workplace noise levels
  • Offers an integration feature that computes the average sound pressure level
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • User selectable LED Alert screen provides visual reference of sound levels with green, yellow and/or red LEDs
  • Rechargeable battery, with up to 50 hours between charges
  • Battery Type‎ Lithium Polymer‎
  • Microphone Class/Type‎ Type 2‎
  • Recommended Application‎: Health & Safety Testing‎

IEC 61252‎ ,  CE‎ ,  ANSI S1.25‎ ,  CE, IEC 61252, ANSI S1.25‎

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