3MTM Sound Examiner SE-400 Series Sound Level Meters

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3MTM Sound Examiner SE-400 Series Sound Level Meters

  • Long battery life
  • All models ship ready-to-use,no setup necessary
  • Rugged Design:Water resistant and dust-proof design (IP65 rated) with an ergonomic soft grip
  • Parameters including:SPL,Lmax,Lmin,LPk(peak),LEQ/LAVG,Elasped time.
  • Use 3MTM Detection management software (DMS) to interpret data files
  • Memory cpacity : 2MByte
  • Calibration:Manual user adjustment with external calibrator.Calibration history stored and displayed with calibration date/time.
  • Summary data: Stored session summary data includes:LEQ/LAVG,Lmax,Lmin, LPk(peak),and user setting.Use DMS to interpret data files
  • Status indicators:Run,stop,battery status,locked status,OL (Overload), UR(Under-range),Run-Time

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