Verification at site Pari Match

If you want to confirm your account and go through the verification at site Pari Match Thailand procedure, upload photos of the 1st and 2nd pages of your passport / front and back sides of your ID-card to your account.
The data in the photographs must be clearly visible and readable. Only color photographs can be accepted.

Where to download ?

Are you using the full site? Click on the balance in the upper right corner and select "Personal data". Next, in the "Account Confirmation" tab , upload your photos.

Are you using the app? The procedure does not change :) Click on the balance in the lower right corner , select "Account confirmation" and upload photos.

Then the documents will be checked and within 24 hours the account will be verified.

Verification at the request of the administration

In some cases, the administration may request documents for the verification at site Pari Match Thailand procedure at any time, regardless of whether the client has passed the initial account verification or not. The list of additional documents include (but are not limited to): a photo with .. Passport in hand, driving license, birth certificate, passport, utility bill, bank statement of account / card, etc. If necessary, these documents should Submitting lyat on mail.

The terms for verifying a gaming account are set separately for each gaming account. More details about what documents the administration may require can be found in the company's support service.